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China International Exhibition Center (Beijing) is located in the northeast of Beijing. A traffic network extends from the center in all directions: 10 km away from the city center, 5 am away from the embassies cluster area, 20 km away from the airport and 15.22 km away from Beijing railway station. And there are various hotels around the exhibition center. It is very convenient for businessmen from home and abroad.




Railway Beijing Station----CIEC (The distance from Beijing railway station to CIEC is 15.22 km)

1) By railway:

Transfer at subway line 2 Dongzhimen station, take No.18 bus and get off at JingAnzhuang stop.

2) By taxi: about RMB 25

Railway Beijing Xi station---CIEC

1) By bus: Taking Bus No.387, transferring at Beitaipingzhuang stop to Bus No.300 or 830, 730, 731, getting off at JinAnzhuang stop.

2) Subway + Bus: Taking Bus No.320, 21 or 40, transferring at Junshibowuguan stop to subway, getting off at Sanyuanqiao station, then walking or taking bus to CIEC.

3) By taxi: about RMB 40 Yuan.



Airport To CIEC

1) By airport bus: transferring at Sanyuanqiao stop to Bus No.300, 830, getting off at JingAnzhuang stop.

2) By taxi: nearly 20 km, about RMB 50 Yuan.

3) By airport express: taking airport express, getting off at Sanyuanqiao station.

Subway station near CIEC

1) Subway Dongzhimen station(line2,line13,Airport Express): 3.2 km to CIEC. Bus No.18, 606, 966 available to CIEC. RMB 10-12 Yuan by taxi.

2) Subway Liufang station(line 13): 0.8 km to CIEC. About RMB 10 Yuan by taxi.

3) Subway Sanyuanqiao station(line10,Airport Express) : 2.2 km to CIEC. Bus No.300, 302, 536 available to CIEC. RMB 10 Yuan by taxi.



Bus stop near CIEC

Bus No.8, 18, 104, 300, 302, 367, 379, 419, 602, 606, 718, 725, 730, 801, 825, 830, 831, 835, 847, 957, 966,967,104. Nearly 300m away from the stop to CIEC.



for car and taxi

please  refer to  the picture above.